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Rules of Seconds

Our inaugural episode of the Policy at the Playhouse podcast features a discussion the Latino Theater Company’s production of Rules of Seconds at the Los Angeles Theatre Center – presented in association with The Temblors. Set in Boston around 1855, the play, written by John Pollono, centers on a confrontation between a wealthy business man and a young man, resulting in weapons drawn at dawn.

‘It’s Not Your Grandfather’s LAPD’ — and that’s a good thing

NPR reported on the evolution of LAPD police chiefs and where it stands today.  Jody David Armour, who teaches and writes about the nexus of race and the criminal justice system at the University of Southern California’s Gould School of Law, says it’s hard to conceive exactly how devastating the Rampart scandal was to the…

Policy at the Playhouse

Theatre can bolster the status quo. It can foment revolution. It can make us question our identities and the identities of those around us. It makes us yearn and strive. It gives us closure, it leaves us wanting more. Theatre is a weapon. It holds up a mirror. It is politics. Theatre dissolves the distance between people. Theatre exposes humanity and inhumanity. Theatre connects us.

The Policy at the Playhouse podcast features conversations about how art, theater in particular, is an integral part of our civic lives, allowing us to question and inform our conceptions of citizenship and community.

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Bonus- Cop in the Hood (part 2)

In part 2 of our discussion of Cop in the Hood by Peter Moskos, we discuss the notion of discretion in the legal system – by police all the way to prosecutors & parole/probation boards. We think about discrimination in enforcement made possible by discretion. We think about conflicts of interest in investigations of police misconduct – especially in relation to the war on drugs. How should we move forward?

Cop in the Hood

We ask how to define “good” policing, as we discuss sociologist Peter Moskos’ Cop in the Hood: My Year Policing Baltimore’s Eastern District. What expectations do we put on police officers? How do police departments measure success? What should we measure for success? What does “law and order” mean? Do police receive the right kind of training to deliver the service communities want them to provide? How does Baltimore differ from Los Angeles? We also discuss the epic policy failure of the War on Drugs and the idea of legalization.

Russia probe could be a Senate springboard for Adam Schiff

POLITICO report indicates Adam Schiff is a fast-rising star in the Democratic party.  Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a political analyst and professor of public policy communication at the University of Southern California, said Schiff has catapulted in record time from locally known House member to “symbol of [the] anti-Trump movement, and from the nation’s largest anti-Trump…

Feinstein draws boos at LA town hall

When Sen. Dianne Feinstein arrived at the AME Church in Los Angeles, she was well received by the audience.  The boos started when she discussed Trump administration’s military strike on a Syrian airbase. There were jeers during discussion of Russian interference on the presidential election and the health care system.  Sherry Bebitch Jeffe was in the audience…

Dianne Feinstein heckled at San Francisco town hall

The San Jose Mercury News quoted Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the USC Price School about Senator Dianne Feinstein’s expectations of crowd response at a recent town hall meeting. She’s a legend of politics in the Golden State, and the most powerful Democrat in deep-blue California, so Sen. Dianne Feinstein might have expected a friendlier reception in her…