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PIPE Workshop: Graeme Boushey, UC Irvine

The Gift of Gridlock: Divided Government, Bureaucratic Autonomy, and the Politics of Rulemaking in the American States Scholars of American politics debate the consequences of polarized and divided government on lawmaking, but have largely neglected the impact of institutional conflict on the policy outputs of the bureaucracy. We argue that gridlock empowers bureaucrats, as conflict…

Lunch with a Leader: Christine Harada, former U.S. Chief Sustainability Officer for the Obama Administration

Christine Harada most recently served as the US Chief Sustainability Officer for the Obama Administration. In this role, she provided oversight for all sustainability-related initiatives across the Federal government in energy, fleet, and acquisitions by overseeing game-changing improvements that added to our nation’s clean energy future.  She also served as the acting Chief of Staff for…

Governance Salon: Molly Reynolds, Brookings Institution

“Beyond Policy: Procedural Politics in Today’s Congress” Members of Congress often talk about congressional procedure in principled terms. However, political scientists have long argued that questions about the rules are really questions about who has power in the chamber and what policy outcomes can they produce with it.  This dynamic has been in the spotlight…

City of Inmates

Historian Kelly Lytle Hernández brings us the absorbing history of how authorities in Los Angeles have used imprisonment as a tool to control both labor and migration. Our podcast features host Jeffery Jenkins with guests Robynn Cox, David Sloane, and Danielle Williams.

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The benefits of partnering with local universities

By Dr. Shawn Flanigan

As part of my interdisciplinary freshman Honors course at San Diego State University titled “Housing, Home, and Homeland,” I had my twenty-six students spend several weeks reading and discussing Matthew Desmond’s renowned book Evicted, and then gave them an assignment to code an interview from Access to Opportunity research in San Diego. As a culminating experience, we visited the Monarch School, an innovative K-12 school for homeless youth in downtown San Diego ….

Lunch with a Leader: John Bedrosian

A first-generation Armenian-American whose parents emigrated to the United States in the early 20th century, John Bedrosian credits his success to living and working in an open and democratic society. Mr. Bedrosian is the former co-founder and chairman of the board of Auto-by-Tel Corporation, the largest Internet-based car marketing referral service covering the United States and Canada. Previously,…

Lorca in the Desert

In this episode, Marlene Forte, Aubrey Hicks, Oliver Mayer, and John Sonego take a look at one of the more influential Spanish playwrights of the early 20th century: Federico García Lorca. We discuss theatre and politics, the staying power of Lorca’s work, and a new adaptation of Yerma coming to LA theatre near you. Listen to a conversation about Latinas and the strength of female characters, sexuality, the politics of theatre, and why you should put your phone down and go see Yerma in the Desert today.

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Fox and Hounds published an op-ed by Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the USC Price School and Doug Jeffe on the recent California Republican Party convention held in Anaheim and keynoted by Stephen Bannon. The Republican State Central Committee convened in Anaheim last weekend and gave every appearance of settling into a long-term tenure as a…

PIPE* Research Talk: Matthew Beckmann, UC Irvine

“Inside the Oval Office: Where Presidents Discipline the Presidency” Time-management poses a defining challenge of the modern presidency, which is why “scheduling” gets vetted carefully, decided systematically, and implemented fastidiously. While countless profiles and memoirs detail each president’s “behind-the-scenes” work habits, systematic evidence and analysis remain thin. Here, Beckmann offers a new look at presidents’ work…