Programs & Activities

Best & Worst in Governance

Elevating the issue of good governance is what is behind a new Bedrosian Center effort: The Best and Worst in Governance. Each month we will ask our Bedrosian community to survey the landscape of governance and call out candidates for the best and worst efforts. In subsequent weeks, we will discuss the nominations and the lessons (good or bad) to be learned from these examples.

Bedrosian Book Club Podcast

Raphael Bostic moderates members of the USC and greater Los Angeles area to discuss our monthly book club pick – from new and trending titles to classics, from “the most important economic book of the decade” to classic works of science fiction. Social justice, technology, policy agendas, governance, economics … we’ll cover it all and more.

Bedrosian Center Research Presentations

The Bedrosian Center funds several grants for USC Price faculty research on governance issues. Preference for the awards is given to research focused on collaborative governance, relationships between governance and planning, and government accountability issues. As a condition of the grant, each principal investigator was asked to give a presentation of his or her findings. 

Consortium on Collaborative Governance

The Consortium on Collaborative Governance is a three university partnership that studies how public problems are being solved by sectors working together.

Contesting the Streets II

In large cities around the world, the most contested public space is the streets and accompanying sidewalks. Vending can be seen as a private taking of public space. It can contribute to civic vitality as well as be an impediment to traffic flow.

This conference is sponsored by SLAB, the Spatial Analysis Lab at USC Price; The César E. Chávez Department for Chicana/o Studies at UCLA, and the USC Bedrosian Center on Governance.

The Holt Lecture

The Dennis F. and Brooks Holt Distinguished Lecture, is a speaker’s series established by longtime Price School board of councilor’s member Dennis Holt (founding chairman and CEO of U.S. International Media) and his wife, Brooks.  The Holt programs support prominent practitioners, influential policy makers, and visiting scholars, who come to USC to give lectures, meet with students, faculty members, and the public to discuss issues and research in communication and public policy.

Innovating to End Urban Poverty Conference

50 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared “unconditional War on Poverty.” However, solutions to poverty in America have been elusive. The Innovating to End Urban Poverty conference explored the context for poverty, policy history, and innovative solutions bridging families to opportunity. The conference convened a multi-disciplinary team of nationally-recognized scholars and practitioners to examine what is and is not working with an emphasis on the new policies, programs or practices needed to end urban poverty.

The LA Civics Initiative

Along with City Impact Lab, beginning March 2016, we will focus on defining the barriers Los Angeles faces in terms of civic engagement and civic literacy, then through a series of workshops we will define an action plan and list of best practices with the goal of increasing civic engagement and literacy in Los Angeles.

Leading from the West

The Leading from the West series is a platform that offers insight into effective governance through conversations with major western leaders of our time.

Lunch with a Leader

The Lunch with a Leader series provides students, faculty, and members of the public the opportunity to hear ideas from local, state, and national leaders, share their own ideas, and gain inspiration for effective governance in a more intimate and informal setting.

Policy at the Playhouse

Policy at the Playhouse, in partnership with local theaters, will pursue the social and public context of innovation and creativity.

Price Governance Salons

The Sol Price School of Public Policy brings leaders in governance research to USC for informative discussions with our faculty and students.

Price Research Center Collaboratives

The Price Research Collaborative aims to foster critical discussion about both specific policy areas of interest of the research centers at USC Price as well as the ways in which those policy areas are being implemented.

Students Talk Back

The Bedrosian Center teamed up with the USC Dornsife College’s Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics and the USC Annenberg’s Center on Communication Leadership & Policy to present a series of discussions on politics, media and technology.

Writer in Residence

The Bedrosian Center’s Writer in Residence Program is a 4-5 day residency which gives USC Price students and faculty access to the knowledge and advice of high profile reporters in the field of public policy. The program also provides reporters direct access to Bedrosian Center faculty expertise, research, and education programs.