Jody Armour comments on legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Press-Enterprise article interviewed several Inland Empire African-American high school students and included comments from Jody Armour. The civil rights movement made a difference, however, there are ongoing issues and issues are changing. “At the same time that we have been reveling in very progressive, rosy rhetoric, the mass incarceration crisis has emerged — the advent of the…

Just When We Need It Most, Film Speaks to Us with the Voice of Progress and Poetry

As the storm rages all around us, it helps to remember how far we have come.

Back in 1998, a young filmmaker named Tim Kirkman made a movie called Dear Jesse, a documentary in the style of an open letter to legendary Senator Jesse Helms. In it, Tim, an openly gay man, compares and contrasts himself to Jesse, who famously opposed gay rights. The film debuted on HBO, and Tim was nominated for an Emmy.

Armour interviewed by CBS News Los Angeles on post-election protests

CBS News Los Angeles affiliate KCBS-TV quoted Jody Armour of the USC Gould School about the likely trajectory for demonstrations against President-elect Donald Trump Jody Armour is a professor at USC’s Law School and a faculty representative for the University’s Diversity Task force. He doesn’t see protests against the incoming administration slowing down, unless the…

LA Freewaves’ Anne Bray on Media as an Exchange of Consciousness

Our guest on this episode of LA Hashtags Itself is media artist Anne Bray. Bray is executive director of Freewaves, the LA-based nonprofit arts organization that advocates for and exhibits new, uncensored, independent media. She tells us about her thirty-plus years using media art to initiate difficult and essential dialogue around pressing social issues. Civic engagement – connection – is essential to strong governance. Art & technology can confront, educate, and connect us. Is art essential to good governance? With impactful engagement in communities around policy issues, art can bring us to a more socially just world.

Courting Justice in California

Aside from robust voter turnout in last week’s city election, the most positive result of protests in Ferguson over policing practices may be attention to inequities in other parts of its criminal-justice system. Accounts by the Washington Post and last month’s Department of Justice report about Ferguson have called attention to the ways that law enforcement…