Major L.A. Employers Raise Concerns That High Cost of Living Is a Barrier to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Housing costs are deterring top-talent from entering the Los Angeles job market, and leading to higher costs in recruiting and retaining employees, according to a new survey released today by Raphael Bostic, a USC Price School of Public Policy Professor and the newly appointed head of the Atlanta Federal Reserve. Bostic led a team of USC researchers in surveying major L.A. employers accounting for nearly 200,000 jobs in key sectors including utilities, healthcare, education, government, engineering and finance ..

Daily Trojan quotes Bostic in “USC studies impact of housing prices on businesses”

Raphael Bostic, Bedrosian Chair in Governance, was quoted by the Daily Trojan regardingĀ a recent study which looks at the impact of affordable housing on Los Angeles businesses. Preliminary findings of the study, which have already been released, were presented last Friday at the Mayoral Housing, Transportation and Jobs Summit to show the issues ahead of…