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Great knowledge need not wither on the academic vine. We bring you the smartest minds from the University of Southern California and beyond, wrestling with the defining challenges of our time. In their research, we find wisdom. In their voice, hope.

Hosted by Anthony W. Orlando, Our American Discourse reminds us that we’re never too different to learn from each other, nor too divided to find common ground.

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McCann’s new book uncovers partisanship when Congress delegates policy to states

Ever since she worked for a state-level agency before attending graduate school, USC Price Assistant Professor Pamela McCann has been intrigued by when and why Congress chooses to delegate to the states for implementation of federal policy. In her new book The Federal Design Dilemma: Congress and Intergovernmental Delegation (Cambridge University Press), McCann uncovered the…

EXED Forum-Local Leaders Lunch Session: Policing in the 21st Century and Cyber Security (photos)

During the EXED Forum for Local Leaders on April 17th, a panel reviewed some of the latest innovations in policing and cyber security. Topics included community policing; technology and the law; cyber security and effectiveness of policing online information; and applications of law as applied to cyber security. Panelists included: Glenn Haddox, Director, Cybersecurity and…