Building Public Spaces Two Leases at a Time

Public space deficits such as fire and police stations, libraries, community and city centers present significant challenges for the public sector today. On the other hand such significant challenges represent leadership and investment opportunities of greater proportions for the public and private sectors. Never before these sectors have been so interdependent creating unprecedented opportunities for intersectoral relationships in delivering important public spaces.

Meet the man who orchestrated Detroit’s astonishing revival

As emergency manager of the City of Detroit from March 2013 to December of 2014, Orr oversaw the largest and most complicated municipal bankruptcy proceeding in the nation’s history. He helped the city restructure $18 billion in debt, reduce overall debt by $7 billion, as well as implement a $1.7 billion revitalization plan for city services.

Raphael Bostic, director of the USC Bedrosian Center who led the discussion with Orr, noted that many cities – including Los Angeles – should heed the warning and example set by Detroit.

Frank Zerunyan on Global Executive Education

Director of the Executive Education program, Frank Zerunyan, wrote about his recent global travels. His essay captures his experiences in Saudi Arabia, India, Bahrain, Ethiopia, South Korea, Armenia, South Africa, Georgia, and China both through his work with the United Nations and as Director of Executive Education at USC Price.

Lunch with a Leader: GLORIA MOLINA

Lunch with a Leader provides students, faculty, and members of the public the opportunity to hear ideas from local, state, and national leaders, share their own ideas, and gain inspiration for effective governance in a more intimate and informal setting. Join us as we hear from one of LA’s groundbreaking and iconic leaders, Gloria Molina, former LA…

Zerunyan sparks dialogue on collaborative governance in Bao’an, China

USC Price School of Public Policy Professor Frank Zerunyan recently served as the first international expert on local governance models brought in to consult with public officials and community leaders from the Bao’an District in the city of Shenzhen, China. Zerunyan – a former two-term mayor and current councilman of the City of Rolling Hills…

Zerunyan helps shape public leadership from South Africa to Armenia

USC Price School of Public Policy Professor Frank Zerunyan furthered his efforts to impart lessons in effective governance and public-sector leadership across the globe with recent speaking engagements and workshops in the nations of South Africa, Armenia and Georgia.   Local lessons, global impact In May, Zerunyan, director of executive education at the USC Bedrosian…

Podcast – If Mayors Ruled the World edition

Featuring Raphael Bostic, William G. Resh, and Ronald O. Loveridge In this edition of the Bedrosian Book Club Podcast, we discuss political theorist Benjamin Barber’s book If Mayors Ruled the World. The book outlines Barber’s hypothesis that cities are in better position to solve some global problems. Can cities provide the leadership that nations states used…