Who’s Really in Charge? Government Bureaucracy Under Attack

Bureaucracy is so boring. Who cares? Not you, right? Well then, you’re in for an unwelcome surprise because the people who run our government from day to day aren’t the ones you voted for. Our democracy depends on the men and women of the bureaucracy. They execute the laws, and lately they’ve been doing it without supportive leadership, without the trust of the public … without a voice.

In this episode, William Resh is their voice, and we would be wise to listen.

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Federalism and the Battle for Partisan Power

We think we know how federalism works. Republicans believe in states’ rights, and Democrats want a strong federal government, right? Not so fast. New research reveals a whole different tug of war playing out on Capitol Hill. Our legislators don’t always do what they say, but they do have a strategy to design and implement our laws. It turns out that federalism is ground zero in their battle for partisan power—and now we finally know how the game is being played.

In this episode, we go behind-the-scenes with the researcher who uncovered these terms of engagement, Pamela Clouser McCann.

Price forum examines president’s executive role, capacity in shaping policy

USC Price School of Public Policy Dean Jack H. Knott led a recent forum, featuring public administration scholars Kathleen Doherty and William Resh, that addressed the role and ways the U.S. President can shape national policy. The event was part of the Price School’s ongoing post-election conversation series, which explore the policy implications of the…

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On the Rhine: From the US to the EU

More than a dozen undergraduate and graduate students from USC and other universities embarked on the “USC Price on the Rhine” program. During the month-long program, the students lived side-by-side with European students at Speyer University, studying comparative public administration and policy with a focus on the United States, Germany and the European Union (EU).…

Amid NFL stadium development, mayor discusses future of Inglewood

Inglewood Mayor James Butts envisions a future in which people on every flight landing at LAX look out the small cabin windows and see a gigantic multilayered sports entertainment district – a city within a city – lit up like Las Vegas. With the NFL choosing the Hollywood Park site for the return of the…

Resh publishes new article in premier Public Administration journal

A new article co-authored by Bedrosian Faculty Affiliate Bill Resh was accepted into the  Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. The article, entitled “A Systems Theory Approach to Innovation Implementation: Why Organizational Location Matters,” examines how the “success” of adopted innovations depends on both the source of innovation and the organizational environment. Resh and coauthor Tima Moldogaziev argue that not…

Is Public Administration Vanishing?

On March 31, the Bedrosian Center will host James L. Perry at the annual Governance Salon event to discuss Vanishing Public Administration. Perry is a Chancellors’ Professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and Adjunct Professor of Philanthropic Studies and Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is also the current Editor…