The Affordable Housing Crisis

Our first episode of the Our American Discourse podcast, features a conversation with Raphael W. Bostic. We confront the affordable housing crisis.

Throughout the country, Americans are moving into the cities, and construction isn’t keeping up. Rents are rising faster than incomes. Housing costs are eating away an increasing share of the average family’s budget. Without sufficient renewal, the existing housing stock is aging, and the quality is declining. Affordability has reached crisis levels.

American Gods

The novel is a fascinating exploration of the meaning of ethnicity, modernism, memory, and community in which we are reminded of the many ethnicities that make up America, but also their amalgamation into a secular American society with few gods. As multiple characters remind us, America is a hard place to be a god. This is a quintessential American novel from a quintessential British storyteller – it’s a sprawling road trip into the vast highways and byways of the American landscape, it’s a horror novel, a mystery, a romance, a western, a fantasy, and ultimately a look into the heart of America.

This podcast features Caroline Bhalla, Raphael Bostic, Lisa Schweitzer, and David Sloane

Trump’s affect on the economy

Raphael Bostic joined KPCC’s Take Two roundtable discussion along with other economic experts discussing the new president’s affect on the economy.  In terms of low-income housing pre-Trump, there was investment of federal money in housing assistance.  Without the funds, there is a domino effect on the difficulties that will cause on those with low incomes. If those go away, it…

Raphael Bostic appointed to APPAM Policy Council

APPAM (Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management) elected Raphael Bostic to its policy council as Vice President.  APPAM was founded in 1979 by representatives of 15 policy schools and research institutes.  Within a few years, it quickly evolved into a well respected association and by 1981 started publishing the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. …

Housing guru Raphael Bostic: What the Ghost Ship fire reveals about California’s housing problem

Los Angeles Times’ Patt Morrison Asks Q&A column discusses Los Angeles’ bleak housing market with Raphael Bostic and what the Ghost Ship fire reveals about California’s housing problem. I think the problem is we just don’t have enough units to do anything and so people are trying to make do with the structures that exist. The…

Raphael Bostic discusses California’s housing affordability problem

In this video, CA Fwd asked Raphael Bostic what it would take for local governments and the state to begin to make a difference with California’s housing affordability problem, including updating planning processes and revisiting the California Environmental Quality Act. To build one million more homes for low- and middle-income Californians in the next 10 years, the California…

Raphael Bostic on KPCC’s AirTalk: Dr. Ben Carson, HUD & Impact on So Cal Housing Policy

How Ben Carson at HUD could impact Los Angeles housing In his latest cabinet member choice, President-elect Trump surprised many when he tapped former GOP presidential rival Dr. Ben Carson for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The announcement, which came Monday morning, 12/5/2016, is a continuation of Trump’s theme…


Featuring Caroline Bhalla, Raphael Bostic,Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, and Richard Green

Junot Díaz made his debut with Drown, ten interconnected short stories in 1997. These coming-of-age stories grant the reader a brief glimpse into the lives of immigrants, their lives in poverty in the Dominican Republic through migration to life on the edges in New Jersey. “Diaz evokes a world in which fathers are gone, mothers fight with grim determination for their families and themselves, and the next generation inherits the casual cruelty, devastating ambivalence, and knowing humor of lives circumscribed by poverty and uncertainty.”

Bostic discusses possible ramifications of Trump economics on California

Raphael Bostic, the Bedrosian Chair in Governance joined Delia Fernandez (certified financial planner with Fernandez Financial Advisory in Los Alamitos), and Chris Thornberg (founding partner of Beacon Economics) on KPCC-FM’s “Take Two.”  They discussed how the California economy may be affected by President-elect Donald Trump’s policies. Bostic said: “As you’ve heard throughout this whole conversation: we don’t…