New light rail transit and active travel: A longitudinal study

Andy Hong, Marlon Boarnet, and Douglas Houston have published a paper in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice which studies the impact of light rail on active travel (or physical activity related to transport). Hong, Andy; Boarnet, Marlon; Houston, Douglas. (10/2016) New light rail transit and active travel: A longitudinal study. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and…

Can LA Lead in Transportation Innovation? A Conversation with Ashley Hand

Love to hate LA traffic?

Listen to recent Transportation Technology Strategist Fellow Ashley Hand @azhandkc to learn about her Urban Mobility in a Digital Age report, and the city’s tech- and not tech-based future.

LA2050 and Crowdsourcing Philanthropy for LA’s Future

Ever crowdsourced something for yourself? Imagine doing that for a whole city. Listen to the most recent episode of LA#Itself to learn about LA2050, the Goldhirsh Foundation’s ambitious philanthropic “initiative driving and tracking progress toward a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles.”

Welcome to “Los Angeles Hashtags Itself,” the Podcast

In this six-episode, limited series podcast, we will hear from representatives of various Angeleno private and public organizations leading the critical trend of using digital media for urban and social development. We will speak with a community benefit organization, a cultural journalism outlet, a media artist, a private developer, a technology company executive, and a transportation specialist. This diverse group serves as both a reminder and an analytical insight that digital media are neither just “useful” nor peculiar to the sharing and cultural economies, but fast becoming standard to the practice of material and social placemaking. Further, the podcast will elucidate for Bedrosian listeners the guests’ sectoral commonalities and differences, illuminating the shifting context in which planning, policy, and development operate in contemporary city making. We hope you enjoy.

LA Hashtags Itself

Los Angeles Hashtags Itself, a six-episode, limited series podcast, looking at Angeleno organizations leading trend of using digital media for urban & social development. Digital media are fast becoming the for material and social placemaking.

If you like art, community benefits organizations, cultural journalism, real estate, transportation, and the technology industry generally, we hope you will find something worth hearing.

Listen to the individual posts on the LA Hashtags Itself page or subscribe at iTunes, Soundcloud, or Google Play.

When Your Livelihood Is Too Far Away: Housing as a Platform to Jobs

A couple years ago, some of my colleagues at USC set out to answer an old question with a new twist. They wanted to know how many jobs you could find if you lived in a low-income neighborhood. Specifically, they wanted to know how many jobs you could commute to.

Most Americans take it for granted that employment is place-based. You can’t work at a building that’s too far away. But what happens when you can only afford to live in a few of neighborhoods in a city, a reality that many low-income families face? How many jobs are too far away?

A Los Angeles Plan to Reshape the Streetscape Sets Off Fears of Gridlock

Lisa Schweitzer, Associate Professor and Bedrosian Center faculty affiliate, spoke with The New York Times about the new Los Angeles’ new transportation plan: Mobility Plan 2035. Some of the initial reactions have been that increasing balance for all modes of transportation will create more gridlock. Schweitzer said, ““Even if more people don’t commute by bike or on…

Boarnet paper presented at IATBR

Organized by the Choice Modelling Centre at the University of Leeds, the 14th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research was held July 19-23, 2015 at the Beaumont Estate in Windsor, UK. On Sunday July 19, 2015 a paper presentation on “Day-to-Day Travel Variability and ‘Optimal’ Duration of Travel Survey: Moving Beyond the Single-Day Convention” by Wei Li,…

Five Minutes with Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard

In February, when Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard visited campus as part of Bedrosian Center’s Lunch with a Leader series, we had a chance to ask him a few questions about his long tenure at the helm of Pasadena. But change is coming for the city. Next Tuesday, Pasadena voters will elect a new mayor for…