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60 Los Angeles County 3.6 million people homeless vacancy?

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60 Los Angeles County 3.6 million people homeless vacancy?
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[translated from the Chinese through Google Translate on April 3, 2014]

NTDTV March 29, 2014 Reuters March 27 and 28 days, USC held entitled [Innovating to End Urban Poverty] seminar in Doheny Library, for low-income people face each questions and the corresponding national policies, such as Los Angeles County 60,000 people per night homeless , but there are 3.6 million unfurnished rental available for this phenomenon, a lively discussion.

This two-day conference, have come from the United States, more than two hundred guests registered sign of the status covers human resources and other resources to help the poor five topics, as well as photo exhibitions. Raphael Bostic, director of the USC Center of Public Affairs: “Every face has its own story we have many wonderful interesting discussion about the challenges faced by the people, and infinite hope and faith in their hearts, they can change the world. Well, this is the purpose of this meeting. ” on health problems of the poor, the University of Wisconsin-Madison professor Barbara Wolfe suggested increasing the number of community health centers, and the proposed establishment of an identity ranged between doctors and nurses, the equivalent of a master’s degree position, good for more patients to provide timely medical advice. Executive Director of the USC Center for Social Innovation Richard Parks: “There are more than thirty nation’s scholars and practitioners, gathered to share this discussion.” In addition to sharing the findings of experts and scholars, the scene is also open to guests ask questions and speak. Advantages and disadvantages of low-income homebuyers voucher system is one of the hot topic this year. Department of Economics, University of Virginia professor Edgar Olsen mentioned, considering the limited resources of the Government, with its new low-income housing construction, not as find and collate existing housing, part of the rent and let the government subsidies, and then provided to those in genuine need people. International research organizations researcher Heather Schwartz: “Professor’s argument is interesting, why should abandon the existing house on the subsidy system, and replaced by another mode.” Schwartz said: “We are very happy to learn from many experts in the study of the wisdom of experience, But she was to completely overthrow the existing regime also had reservations about. ” seminar free images and research data will be published on the USC website, welcome more people to do more in-depth investigation. NTD reporters Huang Hua, Zhang Wengang coverage of the news in Los Angeles.

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