Ted Gaebler

Ted Gaebler, Rancho Cordova City Manager since October 2003, has spent 35 years as an appointed government official in California, Oregon, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. He has held City Manager positions in four other California cities and was the Chief Executive Officer of Nevada County, California.

Ted is an internationally-known authority on transforming governments from outdated bureaucratic organizations to flexible, customer-focused organizations. He worked with U.S. Vice President Al Gore on President Clinton’s mandate to “reinvent government”. He has been called on to testify before Congressional and State government committees about his no-nonsense internally-driven changes in government. He co-authored two books, Reinventing Government, which became an international best-seller, and Positive Outcomes: Raising the Bar on Government Reinvention. His articles have been published in many magazines, including Halduskultuur, a European public management journal.

In 1995, Ted was elected a Fellow in the National Academy of Public Administration in Washington, D.C., a prestigious organization that helps federal, state, and local governments respond to current and changing conditions. He is a member of the International City/County Management Association, the American Society of Public Administration, the Alliance for Innovation, and the National Civic League.

Ted earned a B.A. in Public Administration from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and a Master of Governmental Administration from the Wharton Graduate School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He created and chairs the Rancho Cordova Leadership program. He also is the Chair of the Board of the California Capital Airshow.