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After the Election: What four more years means for commercial real estate

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Bedrosian Center Director, Raphael Bostic is quoted in “After the Election: What Four More Years Means for Commercial Real Estate” by Michael Ratliff for Commercial Property Executive.

“I am more encouraged moment to moment that we are going to see a dawn of bipartisanship,” said Raphael Bostic, director of the Bedrosian Center at the University of Southern California and former assistant secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama. “The one piece of uncertainty, however, is that there is this constituency of House Republicans that are extremely ideological, and they have declared themselves unwilling to compromise on anything. We will just have to watch and see whether House Speaker Boehner can manage that part of his caucus. If he can do that, I think that we are looking good.”

Now that Washington has shifted out of campaign mode, all eyes are on our leaders to clear up the fog of uncertainty that continues to hinder economic recovery.

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