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Alexandra Graddy-Reed receives NSF EAGER grant

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Alexandra Graddy-ReedAssistant Professor, Alexandra Graddy-Reed and her colleague Lauren Lanahan (University of Oregon) have received an Early-Concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) award from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  They will examine the effect of receiving federal grant funding as a graduate student on career trajectory and research productivity.

The EAGER program from NSF is designed specifically for potentially transformative or exploratory research exploring new subjects, methods, and interdisciplinary approaches.

Examining a series of educational determinants impacting early demonstrated success for emerging science and engineering (S&E) scholars, the investigators will assess the impacts of early research funding and training on longer-term outcomes; including employment and research productivity. Extending the current theoretical discussions focused on science and innovation policy, the project will direct attention to the overlooked population of emerging graduate student scholars in S&E.

The investigators will bring together data about individual student scholars to examine a series of antecedents and outcomes to define success among emerging S&E scholars.  This project is designed to promote the use of STAR METRICS, NCSES, and other databases in the evaluation of relationships among science funding, employment, and outcome metrics.

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