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Alicen Bartle

When Alicen Bartle worked with the Bedrosian Center, she was a second-year Master of Planning student at the USC Price School.  Alicen studied economic development, real estate, and affordability.  She was especially interested in infill and redevelopment projects in large metropolitan areas and their impact on affordability and displacement.  She was also an avid bicyclist and deeply committed to making L.A. a city with great streets and transit for the car-free community!

Alicen Bartle received a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from American University in Washington, D.C. in 2010.  Upon graduation she moved to the Texas-Mexico border to be a Teach for America Corps Member.  After two years of educating and advocating for America’s youth, Alicen accepted an offer to pilot an AP World History program at the Beijing Royal School in Beijing, China.  Whenever time permits she loves to travel, swim, run, and cook.

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