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All the President’s Men (40th Anniversary Edition)

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Bernstein and Woodward published All the President’s Men a mere three months before Nixon’s resignation. It is the story of the story, the step by step look at how these intrepid journalists spent years doggedly tracking the story behind a seemingly simple break-in that became the Watergate scandal and, eventually, toppled a President. We’re revisiting (or visiting for the first time) this classic work of political journalism in the wake of the many callbacks since the 2016 Presidential election. Are dirty tricks just part of politics? What role does the press play? Are there parallels to the Trump administration?

Featuring host Jeffery Jenkins (@jaj7d ?), and guests Aubrey Hicks (@AubreyHi), Lisa Schweitzer (@drschweitzer), and Donnajean Ward (@DonnajeanWard).


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Next Month …

We’ll cover a book that initially (within the first week of publication) garnered acclaim. Acclaim for Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains was followed quickly by strong criticism of her scholarship. MacLean’s work is a historical look at the work and legacy of Nobel laureate James Buchanan. MacLean is deeply critical of his work, and ties the economic policy to backlash against the Brown v. Board of Education decision and the fear of collective (democratic) control of government.
We will dive into the history as well as the political economic theories of Buchanan. Read along with us, and end the year in deep thought on history, economics, politics, and partisanship.
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This podcast was produced by Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz, recorded and mixed by The Brothers Hedden, Ryan and Corey Hedden.

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