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All We Can Save

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Activists, scientists, most of us … we know that the Cover of All We Can Save booktruth of the climate crisis is monumental. It’s overwhelming the size, scope, interconnectedness of the problem.

All We Can Save asks us to rethink, reimagine, and co-create a possible future. It’s easy to imagine the worst … in this collection of essays and poems, the authors bring a unique clarity along with hope and optimism for solutions.

We might not save everything … let’s work together to save all we can.

Host Aubrey Hicks is joined by Anna Cummins (The 5 Gyres Inst), Jen Bravo (Price Alum & Consultant), and Lauren Turk (Fera Zero).

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Thank you to our co-producers Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz as well as our beloved sound supervisors, The Brothers Hedden. Recorded at the USC Price School.

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Anna Cummins

Anna Cummins

Co-Founder, Interim Executive Director
The 5 Gyres Institute

Jennifer Bravo

Jen Bravo

Jennifer Bravo Consulting, Inc.

Lauren Turk

Lauren Turk

Fera Zero

Bedrosian Center