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Access to Opportunity

The Access to Opportunity Project seeks to demonstrate how purposeful, coordinated actions and policies undertaken by the public, non-profit, and private sectors can influence access to amenities that provide opportunities for poor families.

About Access to Opportunity

Our project is currently focused on the metropolitan areas encompassing Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and San Diego, California.  These cities were selected for a variety of reasons.  First, they represent regions that have purposefully delved into social and economic equity in accordance with their various strengths and cultural histories.


The choice of those projects was driven by a conceptual policy framework that evolved as we conducted our initial site visits in San Diego, Portland and Seattle.


The inclusion of our research partners from nationally recognized and locally respected universities and faculty is an important aspect of the Access to Opportunity Project. We are very excited to have found talented faculty partners and believe they are extraordinary assets to this work based on their knowledge of the local history of economic and social equity issues as well as the current environment surrounding low-income families. Our hope is that their participation in the Project will strengthen ties to their local communities and reinforce an enduring connection that results in collaboration on other local policy challenges.


Our faculty partners have agreed to publish about their research as we move through the research phase. Get to know our partners, the projects, and the communities.

Final Report

What are effective policies and strategies that promote access to high-opportunity amenities for low-income families?

Lessons Learned

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