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Lessons in Public Administration & Leadership from the Women in Charge

5 Fundamentals from Geraldine Knatz & Gina Marie Lindsey Recently, the Bedrosian Center and the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) hosted two of LA’s most successful women in public administration for a conversation about public service, organizational governance, and leadership among females in the public sector. Geraldine Knatz, the…

Governance Trends to Watch

In an effort to gain perspective on 2013, and begin to conceptualize a governance vision for 2014; we asked our team at The Bedrosian Center to identify the most important patterns, factors and trends to watch in governance from their diverse research and practitioner perspectives. Here is the first installment of our thoughts on what…

Governing the Sustainable Future of Los Angeles

What could Southern California’s urban metropolis look like 20 years? Picture algae encased skyscrapers that absorb carbon dioxide and organically recycle water from within their walls. Imagine community hospitals that never use a single kilowatt-hour of energy from the utility grid. Envision an international airport that recycles 417 million gallons of water on-site each year,…

A Fresh Start for Mayoral Governance in San Diego

On August 23, 2013 San Diego’s 35th Mayor, Bob Filner, resigned after 2 months of heated controversy and numerous allegations of sexual harassment. Six months and $4.7 million dollars later (the estimated cost of the special election), San Diegan’s will finally have a chance to elect their new mayor and to deliver a much-needed face…

A Student Point of View on the Speaker Pérez Event

Last Wednesday night the Bedrosian Center had the privilege of hosting Legislative Representative and California’s Assembly Speaker, John Pérez.  I regret to admit that being a native San Diegan and only having lived in Los Angeles for the past year, I had only scraped the Wikipedia surface of Pérez’s accomplishments in California but walking away…

A New Office, A New Research Outlook – My Summer at PPIC

A New Office, A New Research Outlook – My Summer at PPIC

October 31, 2013
By Caroline Stevens

As I looked at the impressive silver lettering adorning the lobby entrance to The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), I had to check my Google maps on my phone to see if I was actually in the right office. I calmly convinced myself that this couldn’t possibly be where the interns work. There had to be a catch here, or some dark basement where they could stick us with dusty monitors and mildly unreliable phone lines