Robyn Burleson


Robyn is a Master of Public Policy candidate at USC Price. As a Graduate Assistant at the Bedrosian Center, she writes about the Center's events and global governance issues.
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Articles by Robyn Burleson

Is Solidifying Borders the Answer to the Migrant Crisis in Europe?

2nd year MPP candidate, Robyn Burleson, tackles the growing refugee crisis in this overview piece.

The European Union is struggling to mitigate Europe’s refugee crisis as migrants flee civil wars and poverty in Syria, Iraq, and other nations caught up in domestic upheavals. Approximately 60 million people have been displaced because of conflicts around the world, the largest number of displaced people since World War 2. More than one million migrants traveled to Europe in 2015 alone, and Syria is the largest source of those refugees. The numbers of refugees continue to climb as civil wars escalate, and the majority of the migrants are arriving in Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

The Growing Risks of Cyber Crime

We live in a world that is increasingly interconnected and reliant upon the Internet and computer softwares, and the digital universe is endlessly expanding with new information and devices. Cybersecurity resources must attempt to keep up with and protect the increasingly complex cyberspace as new devices and technology networks are digitally connected.

Jennifer Samson and the Revitalization of the LA River

On September 20, the Bedrosian Center welcomed USC alumna Jennifer Samson to campus for an engaging conversation as our first Lunch with a Leader event of the semester! Ms. Samson is the Director of Real Estate Development at River LA, a nonprofit that works to develop the 51-mile stretch of the Los Angeles River into an open space that brings the community and nature together.

Public Health and the Heroin Epidemic: Seattle Considers the Nation’s First Supervised Injection Facility

Prescription drug and heroin abuse continues to be one of the major public health crises facing the United States. Drug overdoses are skyrocketing across the nation, largely due to the over-prescription of opioid pain relievers and the widespread availability of cheap heroin. President Obama has announced a series of actions to escalate the fight against…

STEM education maverick, Maria Klawe is our next Lunch with a Leader guest

On Tuesday, March 8, the Bedrosian Center welcomes Maria Klawe to USC for our second Lunch with a Leader event of the semester! Ms. Klawe is the President of Harvey Mudd College and has been a powerful force in closing the gender gap in science and engineering. She has devoted significant attention to improving K-12…

Lunch with a Leader: Nick Griffin and the Revitalization of Downtown LA

On January 26, the Bedrosian Center welcomes Nick Griffin to USC for our first Lunch with a Leader of the 2016! Mr. Griffin is the Director of Economic Development for the Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID). He will join us for a discussion about the recent growth of Downtown LA and the rise of Business Improvement…