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Featuring Raphael Bostic, Clifford Johnson, Deborah Natoli, and David Sloane

In this edition of the Bedrosian Book Club Podcast, we discuss Beyond the University: Why Liberal Education Matters, by Michael S. Roth. The book has been getting a lot of  media attention in the higher ed circles, and we think it’s a decidedly important topic, one that impacts governance dramatically. Roth takes an historic look at thought on education in America. From Jefferson to DeBois to Dewey, there has always been a sense that education makes good citizens. Education in America has been the foundation of democracy and freedom. Yet, we seem to come back to it over and over again, imagining what we should do differently, how to improve and recently there is a sense of anti-intellectualism that pervades the culture and makes us ask: Does liberal education matter?

Let’s find out.

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Next month . . .

We’ll enter the fascinating (frustrating?) and strange world of The Castle. We’ll ask how fiction can inform thoughts on governance and public policy, and we’ll delve into Kafka’s world of alienation and bureaucracy. Is the struggle against the system futile?

Check out the book at join us for the discussion on Nov 24th – just in time for futile conversations with grumpy Uncle Pete on Thanksgiving.

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Links to some of the things we discussed and some additional things related to our conversation:

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The Intellectual Versus The City: From Thomas Jefferson To Frank Lloyd Wright by Morton Gabriel White, Lucia White
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Reading Storm ...”  Clifford Johnson’s book review

This podcast was produced by Jonathan Schwartz and Aubrey Hicks.

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