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Bedrosian Center Blog Guidelines

The Bedrosian Center blog is intended to stimulate dialogue across public, private, and nonprofit sectors on governance and institutional reform. This page outlines our guidelines for composing and submitting original blog posts for our website:

We welcome submissions that address pressing issues facing the nation and how the public, non-profit, and commercial sectors can work better to provide public service.

Our definition of governance is broad and provides for a wide scope of scholarly inquiry. We are interested in programs across the nation and world which are dedicated to solving problems such as poverty; security; effects of poverty on homelessness; social justice; sustainability and climate change; terrorism; cyber security; aging in place; community policing; affordable housing; city life; among others. These programs may be governmental or citizen-sponsored – they may be cultural, education, or information in nature. We are concerned with civic engagement and the increasing feeling of disenfranchisement of American citizens in an increasingly safe and connected world. This is not an exhaustive list of our concerns, we are excited to consider any original works related to governance.

The Bedrosian Center reserves the right to determine what is unacceptable content. Submissions are subject to review and editing by the Bedrosian Center editorial staff. Authors may be asked to revise or copy edit before publication, or posts may be rejected outright.

Blogging Guidelines:

Editorial Policy – Authors should provide a short title for each piece. Please proofread and copyedit before submitting. Include graphics such as photos, videos, charts, and graphs. Provide word-tags for each post, i.e. “public administration,” “urban planning,” “social justice,” etc. Submit posts as Microsoft Word documents by email to Aubrey Hicks at [email protected], using an appropriate subject heading.

Word length – We suggest a word length of between 750 and 900 words per post. Longer columns will be sent back to the author or edited at the publisher’s discretion.

Citations – Authors must provide citations, linking to original materials where possible. Include the URL in parentheses next to the text you would like to hyperlink. If pictures or videos are included, please provide credits and caption. Footnotes or endnotes will not be accepted, use standard blogging links to provide citations. Please make sure all photos, videos, charts, and graphics are copyright free or that you have written permission from the original source to reproduce on the Bedrosian Center website. Please send permissions with submission. We cannot post unlicensed photos. Authors must make sure they have permission or it is copyright free.

Voice – We will expect authors to be fair and accurate in researching, reporting, and interpreting information. Critiques should be constructive and informative. Information should be reliable and accurate. Proper attribution should always be used when quoting or paraphrasing language or ideas from sources either published or unpublished. For all copyrighted material, do please obtain permission. We encourage our authors to voice opinions, whether controversial or not, but recognize that the internet can be a harsh environment. Please report any inappropriate commenting to the publisher rather than escalating disrespectful discourse.

Photo Essay – We would love to explore the use of photos to explain some of the issues related to governance. Authors submitting a photo essay should submit high resolution images (minimum of 608 x  373px) and should not exceed 2MB. Provide a title for the post as a whole, and a caption for each individual photo. Captions should be one to two sentences. The post should also have keyword tags such as “policing,” “Atlanta, GA,” or “homelessness,” etc. Any external reference should be cited – see above guidelines as they should also be followed for photos essays. Photos should be the authors.

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