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How will diverse voters be represented in California’s new election districts?

Across the state, organizers are banding together to make sure new congressional, legislative and local districts lead to diverse representation. The track record of the Citizens Redistricting Commission is mixed, according to two recent studies. One of the studies, The California Citizens Redistricting Commission:  Fair Maps, Voting Rights, and Diversity, was co-written by Bedrosian Center associate Christian R. Grose, Academic Director, USC Schwarzeneggar Institute. Also quoted by San Diego Union-Tribune

Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin granted parole

Jody Armour interviewed by Fox News affiliate KTTV regarding parole decision for Sirhan Sirhan who has been incarcerated for 50 years for the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.  Armour believes the push towards prison reform in Los Angeles County will promote racial justice for marginalized groups, and that the Sirhan hearing represents a milestone. “It’s a sign of the times. We’ve been in a debate over the last couple years about what criminal justice should Read more…

Report Outlines Steps to End Anti-Black Racism in L.A.

KCRW-FM and the Los Angeles Sentinel featured Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro of the USC Dornsife College as the co-author of a new report detailing steps to dismantle institutional anti-Black racism in Los Angeles. “The Path to Justice Runs through Equity: Ending Anti-Black Racism in Los Angeles” contains recommendations in seven critical areas that are priorities for African Americans. “If the schools get good for Black kids, there’re going to get good for Latinx kids, White kids, and Asian American Read more…

California Gubernatorial Recall Election

Abby K. Wood of the USC Gould School was interviewed live on KABC-TV regarding the gubernatorial recall election. “If you want to keep the governor in office but think, ‘If my side doesn’t win, I want a say in who replaces him,’ then you should answer question 2. It will not void your dislike of the recall.” Abby K. Wood Tweet  

Behind Police Leaders Claims That Bail Reform Is Responsible For Surge In Violence

CBS News Chicago affiliate WBBM-TV quoted Jody Armour of the USC Gould School on how cash bail is not to blame for the spike in violent crime. “Cash bail can make the criminal justice system seem “even less morally credible” by seemingly imposing a “special tax on poor people, because if you have money, you get out on bail.” Jody Armour Tweet Read the full article

What does the new census data mean for California redistricting?

Spectrum News 1 featured Christian Grose of the USC Dornsife College on what the new census data mean for California redistricting. “I do think the far north might be a place that you would see a district go away. You’ve got two districts right now in the far northern part of the state, one that kind of hugs the coastline and another one that’s the inland.” Christian Grose Tweet Read the full article

California gubernatorial candidates

Fox News Los Angeles affiliate KTTV-TV featured Christian Grose of the USC Dornsife College on the debate between Republican gubernatorial candidates. “If I had to pick a front-runner, I think Kevin Faulconer is probably the strongest candidate but there are others who were not on the debate stage last night [at the Nixon Library] who have a strong following.” Christian Grose Tweet Read the full article

USC Advisory Board Finds Campus Police Disproportionately Stop Black People

LAist featured Erroll Southers of the USC Price School and Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro of the USC Dornsife College on the university’s recent report on campus safety and racial profiling. Additional coverage was found in Campus Safety Magazine. The report recommends a new vision for public safety at USC, and it also says calls about mental health or homelessness should go to another USC campus office. “Especially around the Health Sciences Campus on the east side of Read more…

How much renters owe in back rent

KNX 1070 AM and Spectrum News 1 featured research by Richard Green of the USC Lusk Center on how much L.A. County renters currently owe in back rent. “It was disproportionately renters who were thrown out of work. And while a lot of federal programs helped, getting a check to people, it wasn’t enough.” Richard K. Green Tweet

Rethinking Public Safety at the University of Southern California

KPCC-FM featured Erroll Southers of the USC Price School and Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro of the USC Dornsife College as they discussed the university’s report on recommendations from the Department of Public Safety Community Advisory Board — which they co-chaired — regarding campus safety and racial profiling. Members of the advisory board called for a concept of “One USC,” in which every member of the USC community experiences safety equitably. They also recommended the creation of an independent oversight board, Read more…

Joy and grief will coexist as Americans return to pre-pandemic life – ‘everyday memorials’ will help

The Conversation recently published an article written by David Sloane on the joy and grief many of us will experience as we attempt to return to pre-pandemic life. They did not get to hold hands at the hospital, have mourning hours with visitors and family, or stand above the grave as the body was lowered into the ground. It was for many a sudden, traumatic stop. David Sloane Tweet Read the full article

Ed Buck federal trial: How did the political donor evade law enforcement for so long?

KCRW-FM featured Jody Armour of the USC Gould School on the federal trial of political donor Ed Buck, who is charged with supplying methamphetamine that killed two men in his apartment. Armour says he agrees with activists like Jasmyne Cannick who argued that Buck’s power and privilege protected him from being charged with any crimes. “The response to these victims is not the same response that there would have been had the victims not been Black. Read more…

LAPD detonation of illegal fireworks

Jody Armour was interviewed live by Claudia Peschiutta of KNX 1070-AM radio on the legal liability of the city and the Los Angeles Police Department after detonating fireworks in a residential neighborhood. “It sounds like almost the definition of carelessness that I would bring up in a classroom hypothetical with my students…they [LAPD] didn’t even bother to weigh it [explosives]. They just decided they were going to eyeball it and resulted in a catastrophic explosion Read more…


NBC News Palm Springs affiliate KMIR-TV featured Erroll Southers of the USC Price School on the U.S. Capitol Police opening offices in two states outside of Washington, D.C. which are California and Florida. California being selected as a field office location may come to a surprise to some, but not experts who study threats. “We’re always deemed a very progressive state, we have an interesting history, back in the ’80s we were burning more crosses in Read more…

Rising home prices

Spectrum News 1 featured Richard Green of the USC Lusk Center on rising house prices being tied to people not moving. “In California, we have a law that encourages that behavior. It’s Proposition 13, which basically limits how much property taxes can go up as long as you live in that house.” Richard K. Green

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