Bedrosian recommends: Radiolab’s 60 Words

This morning we’re sharing a listen. Last week, Radiolab¬†aired a show titled “60 Words.” They take a look at the 60-word Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) ¬†passed on September 14, 2001 after the terrorist attack on 9/11. The show is a bit of a departure from the standard science fair that they usually discuss. It’s an interesting point of view to look at governance, democracy, and the state of politics at that time.

We’d like you to take a listen, and tell us what you’re thinking about the governance issues they bring up. Tell them too!

Well done, Radiolab! Another thought-provoking episode and this time it’s about something we wish more people would talk about, and in such an intelligent, non-partisan way. It’s well worth the listen:

. . . and then check out their show page here.


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