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BONUS – Interview with Daria Roithmayr

Published by Aubrey Hicks on

BookClub Graphic v5Featuring Raphael Bostic and Daria Roithmayr

In this edition of the Bedrosian Book Club Podcast, Center Director Raphael Bostic interviews Daria Roithmayr, the author of the new book Reproducing Racism: How Everyday Choices Lock In White Advantage. The book gives new language to the ongoing dialogue of racial inequality in America, distilling research from different fields into a highly readable argument that historical actions matter more than current prejudices in locking in inequality. Find out why Roithmayr decided to write this book, what some of the reactions have been, and what’s coming down the pike.

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Critical Race Theory
W. Brian Arthur


This podcast was produced by Jonathan Schwartz and Aubrey Hicks.

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