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Book Picks for January 2021

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Hi all, thank you for your patience as we finalize this semester’s Bookclub picks.
We are pleased to announce that our January picks are A PROMISED LAND by Barack Obama & PARABLE OF THE SOWER by Octavia Butler.
We’re experimenting with two books this month – pick one or both, we’re hoping there will be something for everyone!
A PROMISED LAND is the first part of President Obama’s autobiography. He hopes to share what the job of President is like – it’s a personal story as well as historical document. It’s also really long! We’re making it a priority to read 50 pages a day.
PARABLE OF THE SOWER is classic sifi, from one of the greats, Octavia Butler. Today the book is seeing a revival as Butler’s dystopian novel (published in 1993, set in 2025) foretold some of the major issues of life in the 21st century. Prophetic.
Join us, and we hope your holidays were restful – wishing you a happy new year.
Happy reading! 📚
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