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California’s forgotten election

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Spring Street StepsCalifornia Primary – June 3, 2014

Watching the media, there is a sense that people have forgotten that tomorrow is a Primary Election day in California. Yet, this ballot carries some historic and important decisions with it, that may be especially true in Los Angeles County.

A recent poll shows the Governor Brown maintains a strong lead over the two Republican candidates: “If the general election were held today, Brown would defeat Donnelly 54-26 and Kashkari 55-27, according to the results of the poll. Brown’s support is buoyed by strong approval numbers and the lowest levels of pessimism about the state’s future in the history of the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll.” Low pessimism won’t necessarily translate into huge voter turn out. Mark DiCamillo (director of Field Poll) says that this year “the amount of television advertising is minuscule, so (the election) hasn’t really hit the public’s radar screen.”

Now that citizen initiatives are relegated to November ballots only, voter turn out at primaries could lessen. However, there are two statewide ballot measures for voters for June 3rd’s election. Prop 41, which seeks to Amend the Veterans’ Bond Act of 2008 and Prop 42 which seeks to shift funding for local support of the California Public Records Act from State to Local. (We found these interesting videos which seek to make the ballot process less confusing, let us know what you think!)

Other important statewide races include those for Lt Governor, Controller, Secretary of State, and Treasurer. Here in Los Angeles, voters will be electing a new sheriff – this will be the first time in over 15 years without an incumbent on the ticket. This is a particularly sticky contest in Los Angeles, with many calling for reform both from within the Sheriff’s Department as well as a public outcry.  District Attorney Jackie Lacey and the Los Angeles Times have both endorsed Jim McDonnell in this contentious race.

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