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CCG Doctoral Conference

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Consortium on Collaborative Governance

On April 8-10, 2009 the Consortium on Collaborative Governance held a Doctoral conference at USC’s Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall. Sixteen doctoral students from across the country gathered to present their research, network and learn from each other as well as established scholars from the three CCG universities. The focus of the conference was emergent research in collaborative governance.
Here is a list of papers presented:

Conceptual and Methodological Issues

Julia Carboni – University of Arizona
“Causal Conditions for Successful Contract Outcomes”
Taehyon Choi – USC
“Asymmetries in information distribution and processing and responsiveness of collective decision: A computational model of collaborative governance”

Institutional Design

Tyler Davis – University of Washington
“Barriers to Collaborative Governance of Marine Protected Areas in the Indo-Pacific: A Conceptual Framework for Environmental Policy”
Laura Jeon – USC
“Creating Collaborative Governance: Design Principles of Regional Collaboratives”
Yin Wang – USC
“The Formation of Private Development of Toll Roads: Lessons from Eight Partnerships in the United States”

Collaborative Capacity Building

Kim Moloney – American University
“Jamaica’s Non-Collaborative Governance or “I Don’t Want Government Up in My Business”
Pushpinder Puniha – USC
“Neighborhood Issues and Collaboration in El Monte”
Tatyana Ruseva – Indiana University
“The Role of District Foresters in Collaborative Management: Implications for Private Forest Governance”

International Collaborative Governance

Jeb Beagles – University of Arizona
“The Co-evolution of Fields, Networks and Roles: An Exploratory Analysis of an INGO Network”
Moroni Benally – University of Washington
“Indigenous Participation in the Development of Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights in Transnational Collaborative Venues”
Travis Reynolds – University of Washington
“Governing the Global Commons: Identifying and Evaluating Collaborative Management Strategies in International Carbon Forestry Programs”

Service Delivery

Judith C. Keagy – University of Arizona
“Research Collaboration and Network Evolution in a Cancer Control and Prevention Coalition”
David Gastwirth – USC
“An Education in Collaboration: Universities, Communities, and the Public Safety Imperative”
Robin Lemaire – University of Arizona
“The Functions of Network Executives: Multifaceted Leadership in a Publicly Funded Child and Youth Health Network”

Disaster Responses

Leah Davis – Indiana University
“An Examination of Network Effectiveness during Hurricane Katrina”
Sangyub Ryu – University of Georgia
“Decision Making in Networking Partner Selection and Its Effects on Organizational Performance: Evidence from Hurricane Rita”

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