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Down Girl

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Using contemporary examples, Kate Manne’s Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny,explores the definitions of misogyny and its contrast with sexism. The book is a philosophical examination of misogyny as the policing of the patriarchal state, serving to punish women who might step out of the assigned giver role.

This is not a book for the feint of heart, as David Sloane says this is a dispirited look into the state of misogyny in the US (and the author’s native Australia).

Host Lisa Schweitzer, joined by Jennifer Bravo (MPP ’06), Stacy Patterson (EML ’12), and David Sloaneto delve into conversation about the book and how we all play a part in the continuity of the patriarchy. How men and women, all of us, contribute to the policing of women in the form of misogyny.

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Himpathyis the excessive or inappropriate sympathy extended to a male agent or wrongdoer over his female victim.” – Kate Manne

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