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Dr. Mosqueda on social justice in medicine at USC Keck

Published by USC Bedrosian Center on

by Casey Fischl

Dr. Laura Mosqueda was hired as the Keck School of Medicine’s first female Dean in May 2018, following scandal and controversy over her predecessor. Mosqueda has helped heal USC’s medical school and has worked to integrate social justice into the school’s mission. In her short time as Dean, Mosqueda has revamped the curriculum, created a new position that focuses solely on social justice, and is prioritizing diversity in both her staff and students. She credits her success as Dean to her experience as a family medicine practitioner and geriatrician. Mosqueda has applied the skills she has gained as a medical professional directly to her current role. Her career in primary care has given her the ability to diagnose issues before they become unmanageable. And her experience with family conflict as a geriatrician has proven useful when working with her staff. Dean Mosqueda is constantly striving to advance the Keck School’s reputation by integrating social justice and medicine.

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