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Election Administration and Technology Symposium

January 28, 2020 : Symposium at USC on Election Administration and Technology, 6 paper presentations in three panels with discussants. 

As the administration of elections has become a bigger and more complex political issue in the United States, the social sciences have been called on to address a set of issues that were once considered “merely” administrative. A host of factors may affect election outcomes, including the use of technology, bureaucratic discretion in the implementation of election laws, barriers erected or lowered to registration, and the assignment of voters to legislative districts. These factors, and more, may also influence voter confidence, not only that their voices are counted but ultimately, in the legitimacy of declared outcomes.

Like all contentious areas of public policy, policy change is motivated through a mix of motives by political actors. Claims are made about the consequences of policy change, both prospective and retrospective. Within this controversy, social science has a valuable role to play, in clarifying causal claims, accurately characterizing the salient dynamics that lead to outcomes and political attitudes about the process, and measuring both inputs and outputs.

A set of national scholars — including Charles Stewart (MIT), D. Sunshine Hillygus (Duke), Robert Stein (Rice), Ned Foley (OSU-Law), Ryan Williamson (Auburn), and Christian Grose (USC) — will present research on topics related to redistricting, the census, voting machines, and administrative responses to election security.

Panel 1: The Census and Redistricting

Panel 2 : Election Administration Challenges

Panel 3 : Security and Integrity

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Papers will be available only to symposium participants. (Please refer to the password sent to you via email.)


Charles Stewart (MIT)
D. Sunshine Hillygus (Duke)
Robert Stein (Rice)
Ned Foley (OSU-Law)
Ryan Williamson (Auburn)
Christian Grose (USC)


Out-of-town guests will be staying at the USC Hotel, located at 3540 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007.

Refer to the January 21st email from Anne Johnson for confirmation numbers, and you can contact the USC Hotel with any other questions 1-213-748-4141 or [email protected].


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