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Emergent Strategy

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Polarization is at a high point, political violence surrounds us, joblessness, homelessness, the country’s need to face the great wrongs of the past, and the specter of climate change hanging over all of this.

What if …? What if we imagined a different future?

How can we rethink leadership for a new age? How can we relate to one another amidst constant uncertainty? Can we rethink what a good life is and how we can go about it?

How do we heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet?

Listen as we discuss Emergent Strategy, by adrienne maree brown for insights.

Our guests include Jennifer Bravo, Megan Goulding, Jessica Payne, Founder, and Brettany Shannon.

Read along with us ...

Thank you to our co-producers Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz as well as our beloved sound supervisors, The Brothers Hedden. Recorded at the USC Price School.

Jennifer Bravo

Jen Bravo

Jennifer Bravo Consulting, Inc.

Megan Goulding

Director of External Relations
USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

Jessica Payne

Founder, Director of Research & Project Management
Mockingbird Analytics, Mockingbird Incubator

Brettany Shannon

Lecturer, Urban and Regional Planning, College of Environmental Design
CalPoly, Pamona

Bedrosian Center