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PIPE* Workshop: Andrew Sinclair, Claremont McKenna

Sol Price School of Public Policy Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall, Rm 103 650 Childs Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0626, Los Angeles, CA

By the People: Electoral Reform, Public Administration, and the California 2018 Election Although Americans broadly agree that something is wrong with government, there is much less consensus about what ought to be done. This talk connects ongoing research into electoral reforms, like California’s nonpartisan “top-two” primary, with the challenges of Read more…

PIPE Workshop featuring Michael Hankinson


"The Supply-Equity Trade-off: The Effect of Spatial Representation on the Local Housing Supply"

Michael Hankinson, assistant professor of Political Science at George Washington University, will discuss his research. A central concern of governance is how the costs and benefits of collective goods are distributed over the population. Our findings speak to a trade-off inherent to spatial representation: the supply of collective goods and the equitable distribution of the associated costs.

PIPE Workshop featuring Christian Fong

as to whether legislators bring this preference for reciprocity to Congress. Through an original survey experiment and observational studies of end-of-career behavior, Christian finds consistent evidence that legislators have an intrinsic preference for reciprocity. Moreover, legislators are aware that their colleagues have this preference, so it likely enters into their strategic calculations. This finding raises new questions for research in party discipline, partisan polarization, and interest group influence, and others.

PIPE Workshop featuring Jared Rubin

"Political Legitimacy and the Institutional Foundations of Constitutional Government: The Case of England"

Presented by Jared Rubin, Professor, Chapman University.

PIPE* Workshop: Marc Weidenmier

Marc Weidenmier, Professor, Chapman University, will present his research. Please check back for more information.

PIPE* Workshop: Clayton Nall

Clayton Nall, Assistant Professor of Political Science at University of California Santa Barbara, will present his research. Please check back for more details.

PIPE Workshop featuring Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee, Assistant Professor of Politics & International Affairs at Princeton University, will present preliminary research: From Pluribus to Unum? Statebuilding in 19th Century America.

Local Political Economy Symposium


The Local Political Economy Symposium at USC brings together nationally renowned scholars who study the most pressing political-economic issues at the local level — from compensation of public employees, to municipal bankruptcy, to criminal justice reform.

PIPE Workshop: Chad Kendall (Political Parties as Drivers of US Polarization)


The current polarization of elites in the U.S., particularly in Congress, is frequently ascribed to the emergence of cohorts of ideologically extreme legislators replacing moderate ones. Politicians, however, do not operate as isolated agents, driven solely by their preferences. They act within organized parties, whose leaders exert control over the Read more…

PIPE Workshop featuring Wallsten & VanSickel-Ward

Rachel Van Sickle-Ward, Professor of Political Studies at Claremont University, along with Kevin Wallsten, Associate Professor of Political Science at CSULB, will present their research. Register for link to join the Zoom Webinar.

PIPE* Workshop: Miguel Pereira, USC Dornsife

Miguel Pereira, Assistant Professor of Political Science at USC Dornsife, will present research: The Expertise Curse: How Policy Expertise Can Hinder Responsiveness.

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