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Executive Leadership Development Program

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Since January 2014, the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy has partnered with the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Human Resources to design and deliver the Executive Leadership Development Program.  Through its innovative design, the participants learn and apply new strategies to ten leadership competencies: effective communication; building, managing, and leading teams; establishing and implementing a shared vision; change leadership; building consensus and commitment; influence and negotiation; partnering; political acumen; outcome-based decision-making; and managing projects.

Professor Robert Denhardt spearheads the

Professor Robert Denhardt spearheads the Executive Leadership Development Program with the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Human Resources.

It blends three distinct components—in-person and web-based training, coaching, and a Community of Collaborative Learners (CCL)—into one integrated and seamless program.  The in-person ELDP training incorporates five modules.  The first module is the program orientation and leadership foundations.  The following three in-person modules are comprised of two sessions each to appropriately develop the leadership competencies listed above.  The last module concentrates on executive coaching and group projects.

A cohort of twenty mid- and high-level County managers participate in 2-day sessions over a four-month period.  During this time, they have access to executive coaches who work with them on a one-on-one basis, and web-based learning and development techniques that will grow their participation into the CCL.

Successful program completion is contingent on active participation in the in-person and online instruction as the participants master the program and sessions’ learning objectives.  Key demonstrations of their applied knowledge are reflected in the group reports and presentations, and individual growth as reflected in the Individual Development Plan and coaching sessions.

Since the programs’ beginning in January, 40 participants have been participating in the program elements described above.  These first cohorts will complete the program in Mid-May and the next cohorts are scheduled to begin in late July of this year.  By year’s end, 100 mid and senior level leaders within LA County government will have completed the program.  This program is designed to continue the positive results that the Price School has experienced through its other executive educational programs while continuing to transform public organizations to increase flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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