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Faculty Awards Announced

Published by Aubrey Hicks on

by Justine Dodgen

2014-2015 Faculty Research Awards Announced

The Bedrosian Center is pleased to announce the research projects that have been selected for Faculty Research Awards for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Pam McCann, Assistant Professor at Price, received an award for a research project to develop a political bargaining theory that explains how bills are drafted, debated, and influenced before being approved by both chambers of the U.S. Congress.

Resh_WilliamBill Resh, also an Assistant Professor at Price, was selected for an award to conduct research on how public service motivation can help motivate public sector employees to continue their policy efforts even when faced with setbacks or failure. He hopes that this research can be used to help public agencies improve their personnel policies and recruitment.

lschweitLisa Schweitzer, Associate Professor at Price, was given an award to support research on how new forms of community development agreements can be used to better manage urban development and facilitate dialogue between community stakeholders about land use and policies. She will be working on this project with Price doctoral candidate Jovanna Rosen.

Wood_AbbyAbby Wood, Assistant Professor of Law, Political Science, and Public Policy at Gould School of Law, received an award to research why legislators tend to over comply with information disclosure laws and whether this phenomenon occurs more frequently when legislators are in close races for reelection.

The Bedrosian Center funds several grants each year for USC Price faculty to conduct research on governance issues. Preference for these awards is given to research focused on collaborative governance, relationships between governance and planning, and government accountability issues. As a condition of these grants, each principal investigator will give a presentation of his or her findings to the Price School.

To read more about these research projects and past research awards, please visit our Faculty Research Awards page.


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