Christopher Weare

Research Associate Professor
USC Price School in Sacramento

Dr. Weare is deputy director of the Civic Engagement Initiative and Research Associate Professor within the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. He is also a principal investigator with the Neighborhood Participation Project. With Juliet Musso, he heads the Neighborhood Council Evaluation Project, which examines the implementation of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council system over a period of seven years. Dr. Weare employs social network analysis to examine how voluntary associations join communities together and connect them to organs of governance. He also studies the development and impacts of e-government. Before joining SPPD, he was a research fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California.


Public policy, civic engagement, municipal governance

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Selected Publications

Esparza, N., & Weare, C. (Forthcoming). Meet up or Move on? How Culture Impacts Norms of Collective Action. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Musso, J., & Weare, C. (2015). From Participatory Reform to Social Capital: Micro‐Motives and the Macro‐Structure of Civil Society Networks. Public Administration Review, 75(1), 150-164.

Weare, C., Lichterman, P., & Esparza, N. (2014). Collaboration and Culture: Organizational Culture and the Dynamics of Collaborative Policy Networks. Policy Studies Journal, 42(4), 590-619.

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Weare, C., & Jun, K. (2012). Bridging from e-Government Practice to e-Government Research: Past Trends and Future Directions. In B. K. Joseph (Ed.), Handbook of Research on e-Government in Emerging Economies: Adoption, e-Participation, and Legal Frameworks (pp. 263). Hershey, PA: ISI Global.

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Jun, K., & Weare, C. (2009). Organizational Motivations in the Adoption of Innovations: The Case of e-Government.