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Kelly Rawlings

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Public Administration
Arizona State University

Sol Price School of Public Policy
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90089


[email protected]


Civic engagement and public participation, organizational behavior, nonprofit leadership and management, transformational leadership and change

Kelly Campbell Rawlings, Ph.D. is an assistant professor (nonresident teaching) with the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California where she develops and teaches courses on organizational behavior, nonprofit management and leadership, strategic planning, and the nonprofit sector and philanthropy. Her research focuses on identifying innovative approaches to public participation and civic engagement and explores the notion of civic capacity and the ways in which the skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary for participation in public life can be developed. Her work has been published in Administration & Society, Administrative Theory and Praxis, the Journal of Public Affairs Education, and in the book Government is Us, 2.0.

Prior to academia Dr. Rawlings worked in the nonprofit sector as a prevention education specialist for the Center Against Sexual Abuse and as a policy advocate for the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She also worked as an academic associate for Arizona State University’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation, where she conducted research on the nonprofit sector and developed and coordinated projects designed to build the organizational capacity of nonprofits.

Dr. Rawlings is an Alliance Facilitation Fellow through the St. Luke’s Health Initiative in Phoenix, AZ. She has completed the International Association for Public Participation’s certificate training and the Institute for Cultural Affairs’ Technology of Participation Facilitation Methods course. She provides consulting and facilitation services to nonprofit and governmental organizations on leadership and organizational development, decision-making, strategic planning, board governance, and civic engagement and public participation.


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