Rodney Ramcharan

Rodney Ramcharan

Associate Professor of Public Policy
Director of Research, USC Lusk Center for Real Estate

Sol Price School of Public Policy
Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall 324
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0626



Macroeconomics, finance, real estate


Rodney Ramcharan is an Associate Professor of Public Policy and Research Director of the Lusk Center for Real Estate. Previously, Dr. Ramcharan worked at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, serving most recently as the first chief of the newly created Systemic Financial Institutions and Markets Section. In that role, he helped develop analyses to understand better the role of financial institutions in the US economy, and contributed to the regulatory policy discussions at both the Federal Reserve and at Basel. Ramcharan also worked for the International Monetary Fund for 10 years during which he contributed to policy discussions on exchange rates and monetary policy in emerging markets such as South Africa and in a number of developing economies. His research has appeared in many of the top economics and finance journals, including the American Economic Review and the Journal of Finance. In 2014, his research was awarded the Wharton-WRDS prize for the best empirical finance paper at the Western Finance Association.



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