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Price Governance Salon with Jamila Michener: Fragmented Democracy: Medicaid, Federalism and Unequal Politics

by Chrysa Perakis

The USC Price School of Public Policy and the Bedrosian Center on Governance are honored and excited to welcome Jamila Michener as our special guest for this month’s Price Governance Salon. She will be discussing her new book, Fragmented Democracy: Medicaid, Federalism and Unequal Politics. This book looks at Medicaid: America’s public health insurance program as a key example of how federalism plays out in policymaking and how drastically different it is implemented at the state level. Supplementing one on one interviews with both quantitative and qualitative analysis, Jamila’s book creates the narrative of how Medicaid affects individuals that live in different states and how that influences their political engagement and participation, interactions with government, and overall democratic citizenship. She focuses on the political perspectives and lives of those from marginalized communities or individuals living close to poverty, and who depend on Medicaid as a resource for accessible healthcare and medical services.

Jamila studies the politics of race and poverty and her research focuses on how public policy affects the political lives of those from marginalized communities. Her research, which focuses on race, public policy, and poverty, has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, amongst others. She is a member of the Scholars Strategy Network, which helps bring important academic research to the media, civil organizations, and policymakers, and co-leads the Finger Lakes chapter. Jamila also teaches in correctional facilities and was on the Cornell Prison Education Program advisory board. Jamila Michener is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Government at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She received her Ph.D. and MA from the University of Chicago and has an undergraduate degree from Princeton University in New Jersey.

We thank Jamila Michener for joining us next week and we look forward to her talk!

To RSVP for this Price Governance Salon with Jamila Michener on Monday, March 9, click here.

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