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Ghost in the Shell

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Warning: *spoilers!*

Our third episode of the Price Projection Room features a discussion of the sci-fi film Ghost in the Shell directed by Rupert Sanders, based on the famous Japanese Manga written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow.

The film has also sparked controversy on its casting choices, with many critics claiming another instance of Hollywood whitewashing due to film’s Japanese origin. We discuss the nature of remakes, the whitewashing controversy, whether the film adds to the Ghost world, and Scarlett Johansson – is Ghost in the Shell the perfect conversation starter for the cultural moment?

Featuring Alessandro Ago, Meiling Cheng, Aubrey Hicks, Jonathan Schwartz, and Erroll Southers


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This podcast is sponsored by Price Video Services and USC Bedrosian Center,
and continues our ongoing efforts to bring policy and its impact into the public discourse.

Special thanks to Dean Jack Knott, USC Price; Dean David Bridel, USC School of Dramatic Arts; and Dean Elizabeth Daley, USC Cinematic Arts for their support of this interdisciplinary conversation.

This podcast was produced by Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz, recorded and mixed by Corey Hedden.

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