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Gregory DeAngelo

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PS You’re Busted: How bridging silos in research & practice can impact human trafficking irl

In this episode of the PS You’re Interesting podcast, Jeff Jenkins talks about human trafficking with Greg DeAngelo, Associate Professor of Economic Studies at Claremont Graduate University. How does an economist get data on human trafficking and other black market enterprises? What are the pressing questions law enforcement have that academics could help? What are the larger impacts of black market economies? How can we use technology and interdisciplinary work to capture meaningful data?

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Podcast production by Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz. Sound editing by the Brothers Hedden.

Jeffery A. Jenkins is Provost Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and Law, Judith & John Bedrosian Chair of Governance and the Public Enterprise, Director of the Bedrosian Center, and Director of the Political Institutions and Political Economy (PIPE) Collaborative. He previously held tenure-stream positions at the University of Virginia, Northwestern University, and Michigan State University.


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