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Highland Park Swap Mall: A Year Later

Published by Aubrey Hicks on

Bedrosian Center Director Raphael Bostic was quoted on Marketplace in a story title “Highland Park Swap Mall: A Year Later.” The story discusses the changing landscape of the northeast Los Angeles neighborhood Highland Park, focusing on a building that until recently housed the Highland Hotel and a “swap mall,” or collection of stores selling discounted goods. See Bostic’s quote below:

“‘Tenants, they often don’t know their rights,’ says Raphael Bostic, a housing expert and professor of public policy at University of Southern California. He says these kinds of negotiations happen all the time.

‘Most of these folks are not skilled, seasoned negotiators, whereas the developer is going to have a team of folks where this is what they do.’ Bostic says there’s a distinct possibility in negotiations like these ‘for the tenant to agree to a worse deal than they might have otherwise been able to get.'”

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