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I’m Not Okay with This

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Audio releasing soon! In this month’s episode, we’re thinking about the latest adaptation of a graphic novel from Netflix originals: I’m Not Okay with This. Sydney seems like a normal, if awkward teenager. She has a best friend, feels like an outsider, hates the small town she’s living in, is annoyed by her (adorable) little brother — but she also has a secret. Perhaps more than one secret. The graphic novel, written by Charles Forsman, who also brouth The End of the Fxxxing World to life, steers the coming-of-age  story of the everyday stuggle between trauma and control. I’m Not Okay with This is brought to screen by Jonathan Entwistle and Christy Hall for Netflix. Host Jonathan Schwartz is joined by Alex Ago, and Aubrey Hicks, to discuss another new venture from Netflix. We hope listeners understand that this podcast is full of spoilers, bloody spoilers!   Email: [email protected] Twitter: @BedrosianCenter

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