A Presidential transition

President Donald Trump isn’t the only one with a new job. Since Inauguration Day, positions up and down the federal bureaucracy have been filled with new people, working side by side with the legions of employees who have spent their entire careers in government. It’s a challenging situation for any new administration. In an interview with USC News, Bill Resh discussed how new team members work with government “lifers.”

“[The Trump transition team] is falling into the classic trap with the thought that government needs to be run like a business. They arrive with a narrow value set and narrow policy perspective with the expectation that everyone will fall in line according to the policies at the top.

When imposing a top-down policy, this often leaves the careerists in the dark as to what their policies really are. There is an expectation that careerists in the government are just automatons. This initial interaction creates distrust between the careerists and the new administration.”

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