Housing guru Raphael Bostic: What the Ghost Ship fire reveals about California’s housing problem

Los Angeles Times’ Patt Morrison Asks Q&A column discusses Los Angeles’ bleak housing market with Raphael Bostic and what the Ghost Ship fire reveals about California’s housing problem.

I think the problem is we just don’t have enough units to do anything and so people are trying to make do with the structures that exist. The Oakland situation, they see an old building retrofitted to a use that doesn’t actually match what the building was intended for, and it creates a potential for problems.  And if you think about the housing situation, it’s the same thing: We don’t have enough units, so people are making choices whatever they can. Sometimes it’s the crowding, sometimes it’s partitioning units and sometimes it’s homelessness. None of those choices are good, and they never or rarely lead to good outcomes.

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