Jeffe comments on presidential debate, its impact on election

Fox and Hounds ran commentary by Professor Sherry Bebitch Jeffe on the upcoming presidential debate and the state of the race.

The key to winning or losing the public opinion game is controlling the agenda. Hillary Clinton and her team lost control of the agenda by playing keep-away with regard to information about her recent bout of pneumonia. No doubt sensitive to the question of her health–thanks to the rantings of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani (two prominent medical authorities), Hillary and her folks elected to soldier on campaigning without acknowledging that she was under the weather. When she felt unwell at New York’s 9/11 Memorial ceremony, Clinton compounded the problem by playing cat and mouse with the media. Now, Hillary’s robust return to the campaign trail and Donald Trump’s slip back into the birther sinkhole (pushing, at least temporarily, Clinton’s e-mail mess off the electoral radar screen) are once again putting control up for grabs.

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