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Jeffe’s op-ed examines state of presidential election

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Fox & Hounds ran an op-ed titled “Post Conventional Wisdom: The Dog Days of August?” by Professor Sherry Bebitch Jeffe and Doug Jeffe on the current state of the presidential election campaign.

While Hillary Clinton got a pronounced bounce from the Democratic convention, Donald Trump’s bounce from the GOP gathering is looking more like a splat.  While Trump pulled about even in the polls with Hillary Clinton in the weekend between conventions, she pulled ahead after the Democratic convention and has stayed there.  The GOP convention was mostly devoted to tearing down Clinton and—beyond boosting his “Good Father” bona fides-did little to bolster the Trump image, while the Democrats managed to both tear down Trump and paint a positive picture of Secretary Clinton.  Her favorability ratings have receded a bit from her post convention levels, but are still above where they were before the two party conclaves.  On the other hand, Trump has sunk back to his poor pre-convention approval ratings.

Read the full opinion here.

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