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LA from Above

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by Frank Zerunyan

Dear friends,

Today my son Danny and I flew over some of LA County with our terrific LA County Fire Department (it was part of regular patrol). This was based on a certificate I had won and a promise from the former Chief P. Michael Freeman (honored by the current Chief Osby) since my time when I became the 49th president of California Contract Cities (CCC) in 2008. The CCC is the single largest customer of the LA County Fire after the County of Los Angeles of course (the same is true of the LA County Sheriff). This relationship of the county with our cities is a long collaboration and an amazing governance model dating back to the Lakewood Plan in 1954. Most of you know that the Lakewood Plan remains very much part of my life in practice as well as in my classes here at USC Price and around the world through the United Nations. Enjoy the photos!


Frank Zerunyan


Frank Zerunyan before the ride!

Frank and Danny Zerunyan gearing up.

Downtown Los Angeles

City Hall - Spring St


Malibu coast



All photos courtesy of Frank Zerunyan.

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