Can LA Lead in Transportation Innovation? A Conversation with Ashley Hand

Photo credit: Image by Ashley Hand

by Brettany Shannon

Ashley Hand on LA#itself

Welcome back to Los Angeles Hashtags Itself. Our third episode features Ashley Hand, the City of Los Angeles’ Transportation Technology Strategist fellow from 2016-2017 and co-founder of smart cities consulting firm CityFi, as well as the country’s first woman to serve as a municipality’s Chief Innovation Officer in Kansas City, Missouri. We discuss the final report she wrote for her fellowship, Urban Mobility in a Digital Age: A Transportation Technology Strategy for Los Angeles, which proposes how we can use technology to make LA’s mobility network efficient, reliable, multi-modal, and socially inclusive. If we can do it here, surely it can be done anywhere else in the United States.

You can imagine we talk about a lot: from the effects of the sharing economy on transportation to the very-future-is-now automated and connected vehicle technology, to the more slightly more mundane but critical issues of negotiating mutually-beneficial public-private partnerships from the start, and deploying personnel to manage these innovations. We even learn that sometimes the best solutions are technology aside.

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Links to some things we talk about …
Read Ashley’s Urban Mobility in a Digital Age report.

To learn more about Ashley’s new firm, visit the CityFi website or follow them on Twitter. And do read the consultancy’s manifesto, The other side of the Smart City hype curve: introducing CityFi, on Medium.




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