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Local Political Economy Symposium – Papers

Panel 1:

Vlad Kogan (OSU): “Jurisdictional Competition, Market Power, and the Compensation of Public Employees

Rebecca Goldstein (UC-Berkeley): “Senior Citizens as a Pro-Police Interest Group”

Discussant: Jessica Trounstine (UC-Merced)

Panel 2:

Justin de Benedictis-Kessner (Harvard Kennedy): “Strategic Partisans:Electoral Motivations and Partisanship in Local Government Communication”

Maria Carreri (UCSD) and Julia Payson (NYU): “What Makes A Good Local Leader? Evidence FromU.S. Mayors and City Managers”

Discussant: Thad Kousser (UCSD)

Panel 3:

Carolyn Abott (St. John’s) and Akheil Singla (Arizona State): “Service Solvency and Quality of Life After Municipal Bankruptcy”

Michael Sances (Temple): “Do District Attorneys Represent Their Voters? Evidence from California’s Era of Criminal Justice Reform”

Discussant: John Matsusaka (USC)

Book Talk:

Julia Payson (NYU): When Cities Lobby: How Local Interests Shape State Politics

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